Devaun Robinson

Designer, Devaun Robinson  born and raised in Los Angeles, California, sought to develop his deeply rooted passion for design, fashion and art. This passion, accompanied by a work ethic, lead by power and determination, lead him to create the brand Mid-Point in 2008.

Heavily influenced by the Japanese street culture and popular brands like BBC, Bapesta… The brand began as street wear clothing company. The brands mission was to introduce change. Taking risks by forcing an assortment of bright colors and abstract designs onto those who would never dare to be bold!

As time passed, the ideas changed, the world of fashion made it clear to the consumers that it was okay to be different, even a little odd. Individuality, played a huge roll in the development of this brand and designer.

In 2010 designer Devaun Robinson  saw a vision for the future. The new era of fashion, changing, with the emergence of a new generation of consumers.Mid-Point found a way to slowly convert its fan base, by offering a dose of street wear and a dash of cut-n-sew, bold fabrics and clever zipper placement.

In 2012 , the decision was made, to no longer hold back, to be proactive and push the boundaries. The only way to be a leader of style and fashion is to step out on faith and produce the piece the world isn’t ready for!

Over time the brand identity has completely transformed and the brand has developed  into a well structured collection of bold, fashionable garments. Although we have no idea what the future holds, we are committed to maximizing its potential by continuously challenging the laws of fashion and pushing its boundaries.

Style, Passion, Persistence and Attention to Detail, fueled by a desire to be Extraordinary. We take pride in taking the long road, We do not cut corners and We do not take short cuts.  Walk with Your head up and Your shoulders back, have a sound mind and make quality decisions…You are Destined for Greatness! MP